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Meet our new series: "On The Table"

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Insights and musings on record albums, lovingly crafted by C4RM staff and special guests

Vinyl Record Playing "On the Table" series review vinyl releases Vance Hiner Center for Recorded Music

The Center is lucky to have a wealth of knowledge and insight to draw from, along with a large catalog of records.

Starting this month, we will offer write-ups of albums -- some current, that you can go out and buy, and some diving into older pressings that might be a bit harder to find. We are calling the series: On the Table.

Our goal is to shed light on some great music, and bring knowledge to the table, as it were.

Vance Hiner

To start things off we have Vance Hiner, one of our Industry Advisory Board members.

You can learn more about him on our team page, but by way of a brief introduction, Vance is a award-winning journalist and former professor with a passion for music and vinyl.

Vance is a long-time staff writer for The Audio Beat and was a senior contributor for

Vance will be joined by other members of our team as well as some special guests as we explore further recordings, both new and old, and the magic they contain in those microscopic grooves.

What Can You Expect from the "On the Table" series?

Our writers will focus on their impressions and reviews of vinyl recordings, to start, but other formats will follow.

Those posts will probably have a different title to reflect the different media... "On Deck" for tape maybe?

Our first post is brief but potent

The first week in December 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of The Black Keys' critically-acclaimed 7th album "El Camino". What better way to kick us off than to read what Vance had to say about the original 2011 pressing?

But don't go far...

We will soon be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Bowie's "Hunky Dory" by looking at the 2015 Parlophone reissue. If you are a collector or a fan, you'll be pleased to know that this reissue is still somewhat reasonably attainable.

Do you have suggestions for old or new vinyl releases to review? Drop us a line.

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