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Board of Directors

C4RM Team

30+ years with global  technology companies,  lifetime passion for music, host of KC's premier audio listening experience Listyn KC.


Financial/operational effectiveness consultant for Fortune 500 companies.  He also brings a background in music and entertainment artist relations.

Retired Fortune 100 project manager, lifelong music lover,  experience in audio production and recording.

Former record store and Waldo Pizza owner.

Life-long music fan. Supporter of arts and non-profits in KC

Kelsyn Rooks Director Center For Recorded Music
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Scott Woermann Director Center For Recorded Music
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Jane B Headshot.jpeg

Volunteer Coordinator

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James Jefferson

Web Development


Creative Director


Izzy Bryars

Staff Writer / Photographer

Peg Knudtson

Peg Knudtson

Voice Talent

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