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HiFi Stereo Tube Amp Amplifier

Dedicated to the concept of social listening and learning.  

Anchored in sharing the artistic, technical, and societal histories of recorded music.

The Center offers an alternative to the self-isolation that current technologies have fostered.

The art of listening, learning, and discussion in a relaxed group setting has never been more meaningful.

Insightful, curated programs and presentations offer a unique, comfortable, and participatory environment.  


A full range of musical discoveries for all ages can flourish through significant audio experiences that individuals and other institutions cannot replicate.

Some Of Our Supporters

HiFi Stereo Tube Amp Amplifier
2021 Philly Award Winner

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Center For Recorded Music

 a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization
Kansas City, MO
816 366 7600

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EIN : 85-3382542

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