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2023 - Listening. Learning. Having Fun!

Updated: Jan 6

A look back at the amazing year we had at C4RM...

12 Programs and Events

2 In Persyn Events with Guest Artists

Over 900 Participants

500+ Hours of Collective Listening

As we start off 2024 we wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your support in 2023 and to share with everyone some of the listening and learning that made it so much fun! Last year was our first full year hosting Center For Recorded Music programs and events at UMKC, and the first full year of the Listyn KC show since pre-COVID 2019.

A few highlights from the past 12 months

Listyn KC, the Center's premier collective listening experience, featured 11 albums and played over 350 songs across the year.

March brought us an incredible "In Persyn" event when we spent an evening with Bruce Cockburn exploring his life through music and his 1984 album Stealing Fire. Learn more in this wonderful article by S. Portico Bowman.

In April, the Blues Kitchen appeared live at the Center, hosted by "Junebug" John Stuerke and Cory Bryars, featuring special guest Lindsay Shannon in a tasty show about the deep connections between Blues and BBQ. This event benefiting C4RM and KKFI and was also streamed on the radio, but you had to be there at the Center with us to fully enjoy the Blues, Brews, and B.B.s Lawnside BBQ

July in Kansas City is hot, but it was even hotter when we celebrated Danny Cox's 80th Birthday, his life, and his music. C4RM’s celebration included Danny sharing stories and songs and finished with an incredible collective listening session for his 1974 album Feels So Good. Read all about it in this article from staff member Izzy Bryars.

This fall, KC was taken over by Taylor, and in November we had a cool listening experience celebrating Taylor's Version of 1989 that included friendship bracelet making and TSwift themed cocktails provided by Waldo Pizza

December wrapped the year with our first ever "Listyner's Choice" record party, where our audience got to bring in music to share with everyone! Records were cleaned courtesy of GrooveWasher, who provided album cleaning kits to everyone so that each album sounded their best. Here are just some of the albums people brought and shared songs from

2023 would not have been possible without YOU and all of our wonderful donors, sponsors, supporters, and partners including...

Support our Listening and Learning mission and keep the fun going beyond 2023

Volunteer your time or support us with donations and help us deliver on our mission to share music, recordings, and collective listening experiences with the people of Kansas City and the world!

If interested in volunteering with C4RM, please fill out the form here: If you would like to make a donation please go to and click "Donate"

Thank you for a truly wonderful '23 and what we are sure will be a spectacular and fun '24

the C4RM Team

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