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Nov 23 TSwift

A Community of Active Listeners

  • Gather together and share the joy of listening to your favorite music or learning something new

  • Explore recorded music, through unique group experiences

  • Purpose-built environments unlike any store, bar, club, or live concert

Kansas City Real Estate Building

Future Home for the Center

  • Currently piloting our programs and events at UMKC (University Missouri - Kansas City)

  • Located in Kansas City, the only UNESCO City of Music in the United States today

  • Looking for a location to house our world-class facility celebrating recorded music 

  • Large listening room to comfortably seat 150+ during events and presentations

  • Separate spaces that enable multiple presentations, exhibits, and group meetings 

  • Room for a commercial kitchen, bars, serving stations, and gift shop

Curated Music Event Presenter and Audience
  • Experts create and deliver guided, interactive journeys using music recordings

  • Rotating presenters and shows explore every decade and genre of music

  • Programs focus on artists, musicians, milestones, recent events, engineers, physical or digital media, recording, and reproduction

HiFi Stereo Speakers and Tube Amplifier and Turntable

Equipment and Exhibits

  • Ultra-high fidelity, "six-figure" main audio system creates amazing experiences in The Listyning Room

  • Other spaces feature exhibits representing every decade and format since the birth recording

  • Exhibits will rotate equipment and media to feature modern pieces along with newly discovered treasures

Vinyl Record Album Collection and Library

Recording Library

  • Carefully curated, historically and musically significant, library of recordings

  • Collection spanning all decades and formats, with special emphasis on vinyl

  • Not just a private or academic collection, patrons will have access and listen to pieces on a daily basis

Educational Programs


  • Unique, visceral experiences providing valuable context and knowledge to music students, orchestras, bands, and GenEd

  • Partner programs with Colleges and Universities for undergraduate and graduate students

  • Other opportunities accessible to the general public of all ages

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