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On the Table: Mary Gauthier "Rifles & Rosary Beads"

Vance Hiner reviews the 2018 pressing from In The Black Records

2018 ITB Mary Gauthier Rifles and Rosary Beads Jacket Front

2018 In The Black Records pressing

Catalog # ITB 007

180 gram vinyl pressing

Mastered by Jim DeMain

Rifles & Rosary Beads is the fruit of Americana icon Mary Gauthier’s years-long work for the non-profit group SongwritingWith:Soldiers.

Penned by military veterans and their families, the album’s lyrics serve as a jolting reminder of war’s devastating toll on the men and women who serve and fight.

Pain and struggle can produce powerful art, and the work here is no exception. These lovingly crafted folk-rock tunes and their intimate production represent Gauthier’s strongest work since 2005’s award-winning Mercy Now.

2018 ITB Mary Gauthier Rifles and Rosary Beads on the turntable

Here, Gauthier’s collaborations teem with storytelling wisdom worthy of Guthrie or Prine.

Haunting, Meditative Music

In “Soldiering On,” the vocalist assumes the voice of a man not quite back from the war, singing “what saves you in the battle can kill you at home.”

Her mournful melodies—paired with the subtle instrumentation of talented session musicians like guitarist Will Kimbrough—allow the full measure of each soldier’s feelings to haunt the listener long after the album concludes.

2018 ITB Mary Gauthier Rifles and Rosary Beads Inner Sleeve

For “The War After the War,” Gauthier presents the plight of overlooked casualties, asking: “Who’s gonna care for the ones who care for the ones who went to war?/There’s land mines in the living room and eggshells on the floor.”

With Rifles & Rosary Beads, Gauthier and company have made music that truly matters.

The record is mastered by Nashville legend Jim DeMain and produced by long-time collaborator and drummer Neilson Hubbard.

They created a sound notable for spacious, meditative, and somewhat raw qualities that keep with the spirit of the sessions.

2018 ITB Mary Gauthier Rifles and Rosary Beads Jacket Back

Pressed at Quality Record Pressings in Kansas, the flat and quiet LP epitomizes new-release vinyl done right. The only regret is the absence of a lyric sheet.

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